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Class is in Session!

Inspection UniversityThis week SSI conducted our annual internal inspection training course “Inspection University”. The multi-day comprehensive training is geared for inspectors of all levels and is instructed by one of SSI’s Senior Inspectors, Jeff Meyer. The intent is to develop unsurpassed uniformity, quality, and attention to detail by focusing on the internal growth on a peer to peer basis. By jump starting the growth process we are bridging the gap between rookies and veterans based on sound inspection principals.

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SSI Rail LiDAR Operations

SSI’s Rail LiDAR “RaLi” process, offers advanced LiDAR solutions to capture existing project conditions quicker, safer, and with greater detail for a wide variety of mapping and data needs. Utilizing an integrated approach with in-house technology, fabricated scanning systems, and automated algorithms, SSI is now able to identify track and other rail assets more efficiently and with greater detail than ever before. From geospatial database development to 3D engineering design and modeling, the data generated from the RaLi process has allowed end users to immerse themselves into the project environment.

Check out our video to see RaLi in action!

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SSI Goes Orange for Safety

SSI proudly wears orange today in honor of Justin Vallad and to always support work zone safety!  


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National Work Zone Awareness Week

It’s National Work Zone Awareness Week! Remember to pay attention and drive safe through work zones  DriveLikeYouWorkHere NWZAWWorkzone Awareness

Amtrak’s New York Penn Station (NYPS) mobile surveying project was one of the first extended mobile LiDAR projects completed underground.  Mobile LiDAR technology was requested to provide a seamless 3D survey data set across the station’s rail infrastructure systems and to locate all visible ancillary features throughout the underground facility where GPS data isn’t available and do so without disrupting passenger train service.”

See full article here:

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SSI: Investing in 3D Technology

Editor Note: One of our customers, Surveying Solutions, Inc., is currently being featured on LiDAR News. Check out the post below or at the LiDAR News website to learn more about SSI and the fantastic projects they’re doing with RIEGL LiDAR! Background Andrew Semenchuk was an early adopter of laser scanning technology. As a professional […]


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SSI: Investing in 3D Technology

SSI has always made investment in technology a top priority. Since the purchase of our first VMX-250 Mobile LiDAR system in 2011 we have continued to invest in products. We look forward to working together and creating new 3D solutions

“…Our job as data providers is to understand the needs of our clients and be ready to provide a solution. We are doing things today that we did not anticipate doing when we bought our first system in 2011. This is driven by the fact that we can collect more data in a shorter amount of time. With more data, our algorithms for extractions, modeling, and simulation only get better.”

Source: SSI: Investing in 3D Technology

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Customer Spotlight: SSI — The RIEGL Newsroom

Editor’s Note: This customer spotlight features SSI and their use of RIEGL mobile LiDAR systems. Enjoy! As an industry leader, SSI has remained committed to investing in both their people and their technology. Their talented staff understands that successful projects are a result of providing clients with the tools and innovative solutions to get projects […]

via Customer Spotlight: SSI — The RIEGL Newsroom

Photo 3

Surveying Solutions, Inc. (SSI) was selected as a sub consultant to Parsons Inc. tasked with the surveying and mapping of the U.S. portion of the Gordie Howe International Bridge (GHIB) project in the City of Detroit, MI. The overall goal of this project was to create and validate a comprehensive survey dataset to be used for the design and construction of the U.S. portion of the GHIB Bridge including approaches and toll plaza.

 Overall there were over 40 miles of roadway data that needed to be collected. Before the project could begin there were several challenges and unique factors that needed to be considered including impacts on the motoring public, safety of field personnel, the amount of data that was to be collected, and tight scheduling deadlines. To meet the project challenges, SSI utilized Mobile LiDAR to provide a 3D model of the accessible portions of the project and also utilized data sources from several previous past projects including Aerial LiDAR, Aerial Mapping, and conventional survey data.   

 The primary data collection technique for this project was Mobile LiDAR Scanning which allowed the team to collect data at posted speeds from a dual-head laser scanner. The use of a dual-head scanner proved to be very advantageous by increasing the productivity of the overall extraction effort. Using mobile scanning techniques to collect roadway data improved visualizations of features in the field. 

 The use of Mobile LiDAR combined with other data sources allowed information to be delivered ahead of schedule. Obtaining all of the information using conventional methods would have been time and cost prohibitive. Conventional data collection would have also had substantial impacts to daily traffic while compromising the safety of field personnel. The use of Mobile LiDAR had zero impact on the motoring public and saved the overall project by eliminating costly lane closures. Recycling the previously acquired Aerial data also provided substantial savings. 

 With the use of data fusion, SSI was able to create a fully controlled, dense dataset that has since been used downstream for multiple other purposes. Utilizing multiple data sources saved money, increased safety, provided a better overall mapping deliverable, and allowed SSI to deliver survey deliverables ahead of schedule.

Author: Casey Potts

Standish (December 8, 2016) – Jason Fisher, PE, and Todd Bonzelet, PE  recently joined Surveying Solutions, Inc. (SSI) as Lead Transportation Engineers based out of satellite offices in Metro Detroit and Traverse City respectively. Both Fisher and Bonzelet occupied similar roles before coming to SSI and each have over fifteen years of experience in the industry.

A licensed Engineer in Michigan, Fisher graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Master’s degree in civil engineering. Jason has an extensive MDOT background with a wide range of experience in construction and has successfully delivered innovative contracts for MDOT. At SSI, Fisher is involved with managing inspection and testing operations as well as modeling and constructability assessment. By reviewing the constructability of 3D models, Jason is able to identify potential issues before construction begins, allowing time for proper plan revisions and alternatives to be investigated and incorporated.

A licensed Engineer in Michigan, Bonzelet graduated from Michigan Technological University with a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Todd has an extensive MDOT background with a wide-range of experience in design including numerous rural and urban complex freeways both from a design bid-build and design build process.  Todd has a very strong background in MDOT plan development including 3D modeling and is well versed in the MDOT RID process.  At SSI, Todd is involved with reviewing survey deliverables for content and consistency and reviewing plans for errors or constructability issues. Todd is able to develop independent 3D models through SSI’s virtual constructability process that can validate the contract documents and RID files provided by designers.

“Jason and Todd both have an extraordinary level of knowledge and experience in all aspects of construction engineering, 3D modeling, and constructability assessment. Their expertise will be vital in further developing and perfecting SSI’s modeling processes which will support sustainable solutions for transportation projects. On behalf of SSI we are thrilled to welcome Jason and Todd to our team,” said Principal of SSI, Jeff Bartlett.

As specialized construction engineers, Jason and Todd will be working together to validate 3D models and reviewing for true constructability in a virtual environment. This expanded capacity in the modeling world will allow SSI to offer new and innovative solutions. As two very talented and respected designers in the state, Jason and Todd are great additions to the SSI team.

About SSI

SSI is a Midwest-based consulting firm specializing in geospatial/surveying services. SSI’s team of professionals and technical experts provides services to a wide range of clientele with an emphasis in the Transportation industry including state DOT’s, federal agencies, municipalities, private development firms as well as various design professionals. For over fifteen years, SSI’s dedicated and experienced staff has remained committed to providing exceptional service and data driven solutions. That dedication combined with the very latest in geospatial technology allows SSI to provide clients a comprehensive range of services to help them make the most accurate and informed decisions.


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