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SSI Expands With Purchase of Second Mobile Mapping System!

SSI VMX-1H1_Company


Standish, Michigan – April, 2016

Surveying Solutions, Inc. (SSI), a leading geospatial service provider, is excited to announce the purchase of their second VMX Mobile LiDAR system. SSI’s acquisition of the new RIEGL VMX-1HA will aid in the expansion of their robust mapping portfolio. SSI is also the first firm in the U.S. to purchase the new VMX-1HA system. With an increase demand for highly detailed, design-grade datasets, SSI will continue to meet the needs of their clients.

“This acquisition will allow SSI to continue to stay on the forefront of the mobile mapping market”, says President of SSI, Andrew Semenchuk. “SSI has had an outstanding relationship with RIEGL since the purchase of our first VMX mobile system in 2011 and we have pushed the limits of their equipment and software. Since then, RIEGL has responded with the VMX-1HA which we have found to be the premier Mobile LiDAR system on the market today. SSI is proud to add this system to our mobile mapping operations.”

The RIEGL VMX-1HA is a high speed, high performance dual scanner Mobile Mapping System which provides dense, accurate, and feature-rich data at highway speeds. As a complete data collection package capturing 2 million measurements and 500 scan lines per second, this turnkey solution is ideally suited for survey-grade mobile mapping applications. The systems lightweight, compact and rugged laser scanners are also easily mountable to all of SSI’s LiDAR platforms for scanning by road, rail, off-road, or boat.

“Five years ago, SSI decided to use a VMX-250 – the first generation of RIEGL mobile mapping systems – for their mobile mapping operations to provide their customers with top of the line surveying data. We are very excited that SSI has again decided to trust the latest state-of-the-art RIEGL laser scanning technology and purchased – as the first customer in the USA – the recently released RIEGL VMX-1HA”, comments Harald Teufelsbauer, RIEGL Product Manager Mobile Laser Scanning, and continues, “This turnkey dual scanner mobile mapping system comprises of the newest generation high-speed, high-accuracy RIEGL VUX-1HA LiDAR sensors and a further improved IMU/GNSS unit. Data acquisition at highway driving speeds and a seamless RIEGL processing workflow will enable SSI to deliver extremely dense, feature-rich, highly accurate, precisely geo-referenced, true coloured point clouds – resulting in excellent mission results. We look forward to further our outstanding, long-term relationship with SSI.”

About SSI

SSI is a Midwest-based consulting firm specializing in geospatial/surveying services. SSI’s team of professionals and technical experts provides services to a wide range of clientele with an emphasis in the Transportation industry including state DOT’s, federal agencies, municipalities, private development firms as well as various design professionals. For over fifteen years, SSI’s dedicated and experienced staff has remained committed to providing exceptional service nationwide. That dedication combined with the very latest in geospatial technology allows SSI to provide clients a comprehensive range of services and solutions to help them make the most accurate and informed decisions.

To learn more about SSI’s Mobile LiDAR acquisition, project plans, or to book an interview, please contact Casey Potts at 989.846.6601 or email,


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SSI Offers new Mobile Mapping Vehicle

SSI has added yet another Mobile Mapping vehicle to our fleet. The NEW Compact MoLi equipped with tracks allows us to scan through virtually all types of terrain with ease while minimizing the risk of disturbing the ground on which drive. This non-intrusive 4X4 vehicle makes it safe and easy to collect LiDAR data in areas that are otherwise inaccessible to other scan platforms. In addition, our Riegl scanning system is also highly portable which allows us to transfer it to any of our Mobile Mapping platforms in just minutes. Our system utilizes a design where the physical location of Scanner 1, Scanner 2, the IMU and the GPS are fixed in relationship to each other.  The fixed relationship allows us to move the unit for between all of our platforms and also ensures that we maintain the same data accuracy no matter which platform we use.

To learn more about the new ATV or any of SSI’s other LiDAR services feel free to visit us online at or give us a call (989) 846-6601

Rangers with MoLi IMG_3015

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Capturing Paradise

SSI is featured in the February issue of Point of Beginning (POB).  Follow the link to read the full article…..

Posted by: ssimichigan | February 1, 2013


A representative from Surveying Solutions, Inc. will be attending the ILMF conference in Denver, CO, February 10-14.  We hope to see you there.

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Here is a link to a SPAR Point article fearturing RaLi and SSI.–-mobile-lidar-for-rail/

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RaLi in the news

RaLi in the news

Here is the latest news feed featuring SSI and RaLi courtesy of SPAR.

Posted by: ssimichigan | August 23, 2012

GeoDataPoint article on survey control for mobile mapping

An article was just released today through GeoDataPoint regarding survey control for mobile mapping.  It talks about SSI‘s latest advancements and innovations for establishing the control network and achieving engineering design tolerances.  We will be doing a seperate post or blog on the Mobile LiDAR Blog here shortly, but in the meantime, have a read of this latest article.  We would love to hear everyone’s thoughts and feedback.  I hope this opens the door for many discussions on progressing mobile mapping applications and uses through traditional survey methodologies.  Our goal at SSI to always help however possible to keep the technology and market progressing.  We hope that you enjoy!

Posted by: ssimichigan | August 16, 2012

MoLi™ (Mobile LiDAR)

Here is a mobile mapping point cloud colorized with RGB images from the digital cameras.  The dataset was captured at an intersection/roundabout with MoLi™ at Michigan State University.

Posted by: ssimichigan | August 14, 2012

RaLi™ (Rail LiDAR) Introduction

Rail LiDAR

RaLi™ (Rail LiDAR) on site for an exciting and innovative project.


Surveying Solutions, Inc. (SSI) is pleased to offer mobile mapping services for rail applications to their already extensive offering of geospatial solutions.  After completing several rail projects, SSI has made the necessary investments into all the proper rail equipment, training, and certifications.  SSI just completed an exciting new rail project utilizing RaLi™ that has incorporated some pretty innovative and progressive tools that will be disclosed shortly.  These innovations will have a profound impact on the mobile mapping community, and they will help to continue in moving the mobile mapping markets forward.  Stay tuned with us for more information.  Please keep visiting our website, media outlets, and blog for all of the updated information.

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I-96/US 23 Brighton Interchange Data Fusion

mobile mappingWith so many technologies available for collecting geospatial data, it is increasingly difficult for contracting entities to decide which technology or data source will give them the best possible data for a given project. Understanding that each dataset offers specific benefits, many clients have begun asking for deliverables that are obtained through a combination of different technologies and datasets. This process, commonly referred to as data fusion, is generating a great deal of excitement throughout the entire geospatial industry. However, there are still many questions about data fusion and its use.

One of the biggest concerns facing the end user is accuracy. Different data collection methods yield different accuracies, depending on the technology that was used during the collection phase. Merging datasets with accuracies that vary from 1 to 10 centimeters can be cumbersome, to say the least. To fully capitalize on the benefits of data fusion and reach a successful outcome, the project team must be capable and must fully understand the advantages and limitations of each data source.

A recent Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) project provides a good model for what can be achieved when the right variables are in place. The project involved conducting a full topographic survey of the I-96/US 23 highway interchange in Brighton. One of the busiest interchanges in Michigan, the I-96/US 23 junction consists of several right and left exiting and entering ramps, tightly merging lanes, and a long section of high speed curving expressway with rolling grades. The safety of the motoring public and of the surveyors mapping the roadway was a critical concern. Other issues included time, resources, traffic volume, lane closures and public opinion. The only way to address to these concerns while maintaining the ability to acquire highly accurate survey data was through data fusion using a combination of existing aerial photogrammetry, traditional ground survey methods, and mobile LiDAR using SSI’s Riegl VMX-250 system, known as MoLi.

The ability to use multiple data sources ensured that MDOT received all of the information that was collected while also giving Michigan taxpayers the best return on their tax dollars. Using mobile LiDAR gave the MDOT project team a more thorough and representative dataset, which will help the project team mitigate many unforeseen concerns that may occur throughout the project’s lifecycle. “New tools and technologies have rapidly changed the ways highway corridor projects are being surveyed,” says Kelvin J. Wixtrom with MDOT. “Each new technology provides its own unique advantages for acquiring portions of data better or more efficiently than other methods. Multiple tools generating several datasets are generally required to cover the entire project efficiently, [and] data fusion is becoming necessary in many more projects.”

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